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Best of EP Guest Photographer Jury Winner May: ” Our children, our future” – Simeon Lazarov
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Image by European Parliament
I am 23 years old student in Sofia University, Bulgaria. I am studying Business Administration but photography has always been my passion. During high school I began participating in different youth photo competitions which gave me the chance to meet interesting people, visit new places and express my ideas about the world through my photos. I gained more experience and I was awarded at various photography exhibitions. My photography projects are challenges that I set to myself, inspiring my creativity and giving me the opportunity to learn something new, and to always look for the best shot. Through my current project I aim to express my views about the European elections in 2014 and their importance to our future. On the streets of Bulgaria I have met and photographed different people and asked them what Europe means to them and why they voted today. With these photographs I want to create awareness about the various reasons we have to vote and at the same time to show our common goal – better Europe of tomorrow.

Description of the photo

Photo 1 – Our Children, Our Future
Roza (32 years old) says "I want the best for my child. That's why today I choose not only my future, but also the future of my kid.". Roza recently lost her job and her husband is working abroad. Yet she believes that things are going to change for her family. Currently she is going through additional qualification course in interior design, funded by the EU Operational Programmes. She votes for better education for the children and more career prospects for the young people.

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