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CTA 2400-series Railcar
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Image by cta web
A photo from our Historical Collection:

Now the oldest ‘L’ cars in our fleet, the CTA 2400-series railcar was introduced to riders between 1976 and 1978. The total order of 200 cars was built by Boeing-Vertol.

This photo shows them in their original livery, on the Skokie Swift (today’s Yellow Line). The livery was a decidedly all-American theme that adopted some aspects of popular designs put on some of their predecessors as part of our celebrating the American Bicentennial in 1976.

These look of the cars were designed by Sundberg-Ferar, the same consultant behind the cars of the era on San Francisco’s BART system, D.C. Metro, and Atlant’s MARTA.

Contrary to the 2200-series which preceded it, the cars had a smooth, stainless steel exterior (2200s had corrugated siding) and fiberglass end caps. The interiors had fiberglass seat fixtures with padded inserts, brown floors and walnut grain panels below the windows.

They also came with the first sliding doors on CTA trains in about 50 years (instead of the blinker doors on the CTA 6000s, 2000s and 2200s).

Many of these attributes, especially aesthetically, have been maintained through subsequent series, so the 2400s are, in many ways, innovators and the foundation of most of the modern cars you’d be familiar with as a rider today!

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